Our Story

Wearing my youngest in one of my handwoven wraps.
Jessie, wearing her youngest in one of our first handwoven wraps.


Our Story

The shop has evolved out of our love for weaving. Jessie started weaving potholders when she was a young child and remembers watching her mother weave on her loom (which we now use in the shop!). When Jessie’s mom taught her how to weave and she made something both beautiful and practical (woven hand towels) she was hooked! By the time she had purchased her 3rd loom she had outgrown her living room and decided it was time to move to a new location! We were fortunate enough to find a very unique building in historic downtown Northport, AL. Shortly after the shop opened, Andrea joined the team! Though she had little weaving experience, she loved working with fiber and had been assisting Jessie from the inception of Weaving Alabama over late-night, warp combing and tea drinking sessions. Andrea is now weaving, crocheting and organizing things. Together they use three floor-looms at the shop to create hundreds of yards of amazing handwoven fabric!


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